Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems  &  Wireless Cameras

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Revolutionizing !  the Tire Pressure Monitoring System Industry .... AGAIN !!!!

Systems Monitor up to  22 to 37 Tires


The First to introduce the User Replaceable Battery

Why buy from a Copycat when we set the standard, then Raised the Performance Bar ????

We Beat Doran and Pressure Pro in Price, Quality, Options, and Durability....
Don't Pay More for Less....


507 System     507 System Starter Kit $199
The 507 starter kit comes with everything:    two installation wrenches, a short antenna, a dashboard mounting bracket, a suction cup bracket, a cigarette charger, a hardwire kit, a detailed users manual, four sensors, and the on board monitor display.   

507 System Sensors $100 for 2 Sensors
Order sensors for every tire you seek to monitor.  507 system sensors are available in quantities of two, order as needed.  This system will monitor a total of 22 tires.

New flow through sensor system!! 

The sensors work with our existing 507 monitor, and install the same way as our existing 507 sensors!

See - Setup Guide and FAQ @ bottom of page


510 System   510 System Starter Kit $259

This 4 sensor system arrives ready to serve your needs in all road and weather conditions.

This system comes with 4 tire sensors, 1 monitor, two installation wrenches for the sensors. A hard wire kit is included.

Simply order the 4 sensor system you want, then add (in increments of 2) the total number of sensors that you require.

 The NEW sister system to the 510RV system comes complete with USER REPLACEABLE BATTERIES!!

 This system continues to report PSI and tire temperature in real time, while continuing to offer the user the continued ability to custom program up to 6 differing PSI settings.

  The 507RV system, as with our 510RV system, is accurate within 1.5 +/- PSI and our systems are accurate within +/- 1 degree Fahrenheit of the actual air temperature within your tires.

The new system comes with a two year warranty.  Add an additional year onto our manufacturers warranty now for $50! This is not an aftermarket warranty!


The 507RV system also arrives with a nice dashboard mounting bracket AND a suction cup bracket for easy windshield mounting.


This system will monitor up to 22 different tires with axle specific PSI settings. 

This system was designed by RVers for Rvers with safety and ease of operation at the forefront of our design intent.

The new technology allows the user the ability to assign sensors to their perspective tire positions by literally touching a button.

You can EVEN disengage the trailer, tow vehicle, or fifth wheel and monitor the truck or RV only while the trailer is parked with a simple touch of a button!

With either the dashboard mounting bracket OR the suction cup bracket, you have a bounty of mounting options which afford the user a variety of mounting options and positions to fit in every cab or driver area without cluttering the dashboard.

The system can be hardwired, plugged into any cigarette lighter outlet, or it will run from 5-7 days on approximately 1.5 hours charge, freeing up your power outlets for other accessory items.

Ultra light sensor design eliminates the need for metal valve stems, as these sensors only weigh 12.5 grams, yet they are still able to be fully immersed in water, and they monitor PSI from 1-195 PSI.

This is an industrial grade system.

The sensors are powered by a CR1632 battery, and this battery can be purchased from us or at any Radio Shack, Batteries Plus, etc.  These batteries are available anywhere and they will last for 12 months based upon full time use.

This system installs with such ease that one customer called in and reported that his 12 year old grandchild did it with ease.

System will notify you in the event of :

nail puncture or other gradual pressure loss, sudden or gradual tire temperature increases, or in the event of a rapid deflation in the tow or the trailer tires.


Beats ALL the Competition in Price, Features, Reliability and Ease of Installation !!!

Put Simply,  Hopkins, Hawkshead, Tire Minder, Doran & Pressure Pro    Charge MORE for a Lot Less System!

Monitor  Drive Tires, Duals, Tags and Trailer Tires @ Cusmomizable Per Axle Settings with Real Time PSI and Temperature Reporting !!!

   Repeater   $59

Amplifies sensor signals and transmits through cargo related signal interference.     This unit is weatherproof and adheres to the exterior of a vehicle or trailer with ease.


We Beat Doran and Pressure Pro in Price, Quality, Options, and Durability....
Don't Pay More for Less....

Wireless Parking Monitor - $99 

Wireless  Parking  System - $99

System Features:

System Components:


Digital Tire Gauge    DT 160 Digital Tire Gauge   $46

      LCD Wireless Back Up Camera System $269.00 

    Additional Cameras are $99 each:

    Recording Dashboard Camera $289

Quick Setup Guide for     Tire Pressure and Temperature Monitors

It is advisable to set your parameters on the monitor before inputting the serial numbers so that the alarm will not go off while inputting your serial numbers.

Turn the monitor on using the side power switch.

Hold the MODE button down for about six seconds until the parameter settings are displayed.

The first screen should show a flashing PSI icon in the left box. If this is the way you want to read your tire pressure, press the MODE button once to move to the next screen. There should be a C for Celsius or an F for Fahrenheit displayed in the right box. Use the + button to change from C to F.

Tap the MODE button again to move to the next screen. It should look like this.

You are setting the high pressure alarm for the two front tires (represented by the flashing front tires and the flashing “fat tire for high”). We have found that setting the high parameter about 25% higher than our correct tire pressure (any lower and the alarm seems to go off needlessly on long driving days in very hot weather), but you may set this where you like. So, using the – (minus) or + (plus) button, tap it until you reach the appropriate number. Keep in mind that you cannot move this setting lower than where the low pressure alarm setting is at (usually 100) so you may have to move on, set the low parameters and come back to the high setting.

Tap the MODE button again to move to the next screen. It should look like this.

You are setting the low pressure alarm for the two front tires (represented by the flashing tires and the flashing “skinny tire for low”). We have found that setting the low parameter about 10% under our correct tire pressure works for us (any higher and the alarm seems to go off needlessly on cold mornings), but you may set this where you like. So, using the – (minus) or + (plus) button, tap it until you reach the appropriate number. On our tow car, where the correct tire pressure is 35 PSI, we set the high parameter at 45 and the low parameter at 28.

You will repeat this process to set three more zones (the appropriate tires will be flashing for each zone) and, using the MODE button to continue scrolling, go back to any high zones that you were unable to set.

For the high temperature setting, we left ours at the lowest setting of 157 or 158, but you can use the + button to set it higher.

When you are finished, tap the SET key to save your parameters (if you get distracted while setting the parameters, tap the SET key to save your work).

You are now finished setting the alarm parameters and you can record the serial numbers.

There are two ways to record the serial numbers into the monitor, but I will use what I think is the easiest for this guide.

Turn the monitor on. Hold the CODE button down for six seconds and release after the beep.
A tire will be flashing and there will be six F’s in the boxes. Use the + or – button to scroll to the tire you want to program.

Place the monitor close to the sensor and press the CODE button once. The red light will flash and the sensor will send the serial number to the monitor. The monitor will display the serial number and beep.

If the monitor has not received the serial number within six seconds, the red light will be off and the monitor will sound two beeps and you can try again.

Using the plus or minus button and scroll to the next tire position and repeat with the next sensor.

To DELETE a serial number from the monitor, IN THIS MODE, using the + or – button go to the tire you wish to delete, press the SET button down for 3 seconds. The serial number will be deleted.

You can now install the sensors onto the valve stems using the tool included in the set.
• While installing the sensors, you will hear the hiss of air before the final turns of the sensor.
• The sensors should be firmly tightened. Do not use a very heavy hand or a wrench (other than the one that comes with the system) to tighten them.
• You may need various extensions to make it easier to access your valve stems.
• Have some soapy water on hand to test for air leaks when installing extensions or sensors on your valve stems.

Most rubber valve stem can handle the 507RV sensor, but some rubber valve stems may be too flexible to have a sensor on them. Your local tire shop can change your rubber valve stems to steel valve stems for a nominal fee, usually without removing the tires.



How does your system work?

Each 510 wireless sensor weighs 23 grams, and each 507 sensor weighs
13 grams, both of which are negligible weights; each screws onto the existing valve stem of each tire monitored while the receiver remains within your view in your vehicle. Each sensor has its own individual code that is easily entered into the monitor. This way, the monitor will only recognize and report data from your sensors and no other vehicle's system. The monitor then highlights a tire and reports tire temperature and pressure. It will rotate around the electronic diagram on the screen and it will report temperature and pressure of each tire monitored approximately every two minutes. The system will immediately focus and report data and alarms will sound and icons will flash on the screen in the event of gradual tire deflation, rapid tire deflation, or elevated tire temperature.

The sensors transmit tire pressure and tire temperature to the monitor every two minutes unless a gradual tire deflation, rapid tire deflation, or elevated tire temperature event is encountered. In such a circumstance, the reporting is continuous until tire pressure or tire temperature
returns to a normal range.

The system reports in PSI, KPa, Fahrenheit, or Celsius at the discretion of the system owner. The system is accurate to 0.73+/- PSI.

The sensor operating range of temperature is -40 through 257 degrees Fahrenheit or -40 through 125 degrees centigrade.

We can take the heat or the cold… Whatever mother nature dishes out, our system will handle!

Our sensors are operational in heavy rains, snow, high humidity, and wet or icy road conditions. Water in any form is no problem for our sensors.

The monitor can adhere to a dashboard AC vent using the bracket provided or you can adhere the monitor to your dash board using Velcro to hold it in place. Most users prefer to Velcro the monitor in place.
Also, the 507 system includes a specially designed, windshield-mountable, suction-cup mounting bracket.

How long do the sensor batteries last?

On average the
510 sensor batteries last between 5 and 7 years, and the 507 batteries are intended to be changed approximately every 10-12 months. The sensors stop transmitting after being disconnected from the tires. If you park your commercial vehicle for extended periods of time or if you store an RV for the winter, you can remove the sensors and extend battery life. The included battery life estimate is based upon full time use.

What happens when sensor batteries do expire?

As with all wireless systems, when
the 510 sensor batteries do finally die, you can simply return them to us. For $19.95, we will replace all sensor gaskets, we will replace the shell, we will replace the battery, and we will tender to you a reworked sensor ready for 5+ more years of service. The 507 batteries are readily available and easily replaced.

How long does the battery in the receiver last?

The rechargeable Li-ion battery in the receiver lasts several days if left on, or you can leave the receiver plugged in to your cigarette lighter outlet and leave it on continuously. The rechargeable battery allows you to remove the cigarette lighter cord to free up your cigarette lighter outlet while driving.   

Is the display backlit?

Yes, the display has automatic two-stage backlighting. First, it has a light sensor that only allows the light to come on when it is needed. Second, the receiver has a vibration detector that knows when you are driving, or, more importantly, when you are parked. When parked, even in the dark, it allows the backlight to turn off, but it turns back on when you start driving.

How do I know if I need a repeater?

You really won’t for sure until you install the system. One customer needed one for his 45-foot tag-axle motor home because it was dropping sensors on the rear duals and on his toad. This is due to interference within the coach space.

One customer has a pickup that pulls a 30-foot gooseneck race trailer that did not need a repeater. Interference, not distance, is the major factor in determining whether or not you will need a repeater.

We do suggest a repeater if you are a commercial freight hauler, if you have a motor home over 38 feet in length, or if you pull a toad or trailer with a motorhome.

You can always purchase the system first to see if you need a repeater. If you do need one, they are readily in stock and economically priced.

Do I need special valve stems?

No, you do not need special valve stems, but you do need commonly available metal valve stems.

The added weight of the sensor on a rubber valve stem could cause problems that will be avoided by using metal valve stems.

Most motorhomes and commercial transport vehicles come equipped with metal valve stems. If you do need metal valve stems, they are not expensive; a recent customer had 6 valve stems replaced on a 30’ gooseneck racing trailer for $36. They are available and can be quickly installed by any tire dealer.

What is the device with the black handle I see in the pictures of your systems?

Our sensors are theft resistant because the outer sensor shell spins freely on the sensor so that it can not be removed by hand. The sensors must be installed and removed with the black handled wrench you see in the pictures. We include 2 of these wrenches with each system.

What is a repeater?

A repeater is basically a device that receives data from your sensors, strengthens the signal, and pushes it forward so that the monitor can receive tire data. There is no programming involved. Simply connect the repeater and it works from that moment on.

What is involved in installing the repeater?

It simply direct wires to a 12 volt battery or you can splice it into a 12 volt power supply within your vehicle, commercial truck, or trailer. There is no programming or any other user interaction required.

Our repeater is fully weatherproof, so it can be mounted anywhere. It is suggested that it be installed as far away from the receiver as possible to get the best range improvement. Some examples of where the repeater can be mounted are: in the engine/battery compartment of a diesel pusher coach, under the hood of your toad vehicle, under the rear of your truck, to the rear of the truck cab, or under a trailer. You can get creative. All you need is a 12 volt power lead and a ground.

Due to the unlimited mounting options, no fuse is included with our repeater. You should fuse the power lead as close to the power supply as possible.

Weather resistant fuse kits are available at any auto supply store. A 1 or 2 amp fuse is sufficient. Fuse kits do not come with the repeater because of differing installation locations and wire length needs of our customers.

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