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Watering a Tree Filling RV Water Storeage Tank

Kit Contains:     Inner Bladder, Outer Bag with Securing Straps, Hose Adapters, 12V Power Cord, Water Pump (potable) + Patch Kit.

 40  Gallon     +     60 Gallon    Units    Available        -        Collapsible  for  Convenient  Storage       -        All  Brass  Plumbing

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The Water Bladder

    The Bladder is manufactured from TPU (approved for potable water) material. It is electronically welded together for high strength. The unit is round, 48" long, and 24" in diameter. There are two openings in the top that will accept a standard garden hose. One of these openings is connected to a manifold assembly that is used to control filling, and emptying if the bladder. The other opening can be used to vent the bladder while filling. Venting is not necessary if the bladder is completely deflated before water is added to it.

The Outer Protective Cover

    The protective outer bag is made a nylon material. It has two nylon straps around it with "D" Rings sewn to it. These "D" Rings can be used, if necessary, to tie the Waterhauler down, preventing it from rolling around. There is a heavy duty Zipper running down the top of the outer bag to allow access, or removal, of the bladder. The cover has two access holes formed into it for the two bladder water connections. The Water Pump is also attached to this cover, keeping it in the correct position for transferring water.

PLUS - Pump, Fittings, Valves and More

The Waterhauler was developed to carry water to RV, and other locations, with a mid-sized or larger vehicle (SUV, Jeep, Pickup, ATV Trailer, Trailer hitch receiver rack, etc.). When used as directed it is an easy way to transport water to remote Camping locations, or anywhere that fresh water may be needed. It carry's up to 60 gallons of water in a 48" by 24" floor space area. The 12vdv power cord is long enough to reach a cigarette lighter's outlet in most vehicles. This allows it to deliver water at up to 45 psi. with automatic pressure regulation. Since it supplies it's own pressure, it can be connected directly to an RV, a Remote Cabin, a Home during power or water supply outages, or anything else that needs water under pressure.
    The Waterhauler is usually filled with a garden hose. By turning valves on the Waterhauler, it can also use its own EZflo 12vdc Self Priming Pump to draw water out of another container, stream or lake. This water is not always considered potable, and should not be consumed. But it can be used for most other water needs.

    The WaterHauler has a high quality EZflo 12VDC pump attached to it, that plugs into a cigarette lighter outlet. No more Holding Cans in the air or siphoning. When empty it can be rolled up & stored in less space than cans and without rattling around. Since it uses standard garden hose it can be filled, and used to fill the RV tanks, from some distance, there by, eliminating carrying the water by hand. The hose can also be connected directly to the RV's water system, supplying its own pressure. Handy if the RV's pressure pump, or water tank, fails.

It can be used directly out of the vehicle you are transporting it in to wash your RV, your vehicle, or to squirt the neighbors. Since it will supply pressure water to a hose while driving around, people have used it to water remote plants, water livestock, and for dust control in front of their otherwise dry camp site. All without leaving the vehicle.
    This is a very short list of the uses for this water transporting system. If you have, or think of, more uses, please let us know with an email.

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